VHF & Microwave Contest
Logger Software

By: Bertrand Zauhar, VE2ZAZ / VA2IW

Page last updated: 08/10/2023

This amateur radio software provides the ability to log and display the QSOs (radio contacts) made during one of the ARRL VHF, NA VHF Sprints or various NA Microwave contests. It offers a simple and efficient interface customized for these contests. The interface is distributed over several independent windows, which allows the user to better organize the desktop. The software performs continuous "dupe checks" and score calculation. It also displays the worked grid squares using color boxes on a zoom-able Maidenhead grid world map. Both 4-character and 6-character grid square logging is supported. Digital QSOs made on the WSJT-X software can be automatically logged. To save the contest information, the script uses a simple CSV (comma-separated text) file; no complex database is used. Since this software is a python script, it can be run on Linux, Windows and Mac, once the python-3 interpreter is installed. Another benefit of being a Python script is that it uses a simple text file as source code. It can thus be easily improved and customized by the user. Though it is customized for VHF and Microwave contesting, this software can also be used for general logging of VHF/UHF contacts. 

Please see the
GitHub project repository, and in particular the Help.pdf file, for all the details on this software package, the installation procedure and for some additional screenshots of the software windows.

Software Download

The VHF & Microwave Contest Logger software is contained in a single folder that can be downloaded from GitHub (hyperlink below). Simply decompress the downloaded .zip file to a suitable disk location of your choice. More details on running the software are provided in the help file mentioned above.