Tech Talk
Parlons Techno

VHF Contest Logger

Stable Ultimate3S
2m WSPR Beacon

Si5351 Synthesizer Board

Mechanical Pendulum

QEX's GPS-Derived Frequency Standard

Smart Thermostat with Raspberry Pi
QST's "At Last!"
TR Sequencer

QEX's Rechargeable Battery Cycler

My Custom
GPS Clock
Ham Grid Square Mapping Software

Ham Field Square Mapping Software
Bluetooth headset with PTT for ham radio

A CW Sidetone Bypass for the NESCAF Audio Filter

Test Instrument Control Tidbits

HP 3586 A/B/C SLM: Stability & Accuracy Improvement Mod

AM-6155 Amplifier
Conversion to
432 MHz

TS-2000X 1.2GHz Tx Distortion  Problem and Fix

Combined 2m Low-Pass / 70cm Notch Filter

Combined 70cm High-Pass / 2m Notch Filter

My Arrow-Style Satellite Antenna
12GHz Prescaler for
 HP 5328A Counter

My 3.2m EME dish Project
Amsat's Satellite L-Band Tx Converter with UHF Input
Atténuateur UHF 40W et Charge Fictive
UHF 40W Attenuator
and Dummy Load

Basic RF Voltmeter
for 1MHz - 1GHz

Parabolique 2.4GHz
2.4GHz Offset Dish
Hélicoïdale 435MHz
435MHz Helix
Hélicoïdale 2.4GHz
2.4GHz Helix
Source RF 2.4GHz
2.4GHz RF Source
Émetteur SuperQRP
SuperQRP Xmitter
RF Sensing Alarm
Resistor Finder for Windows
Tables Électroniques
Electronics Tables
Les Trucs de ZAZ
Mes Présentations Techniques
My Technical Presentations

Au sujet de VE2ZAZ
More about VE2ZAZ
Je Me Présente...
I Present Myself...

Surplus Electronic Components and Equipment for Sale

My EME setup and Activity log
Ma Carte QSL
My QSL Card
Mon QSO Avec MIR
My QSO with MIR
Pour Me Joindre...
To Reach Me...